What love means to me

What love means to me


Love starts from within, once you’ve reached your peek within. You’ll attract the love you dream and deserve, since you’re already giving to yourself in the way you want a significant other to treat you. I don’t believe in fairytales, but I do believe life has a funny way of creating a love story that feels like one.

Relationships have never been easy for me in anyway, shape or form. I can acknowledge that and hold myself accountable for any mistakes I’ve made. I’m not perfect in the slightest, but I’m better now more than ever. I don’t seek relationships, I let the universe seek me for what I’m already giving to myself. I’m a garden, an angel, a goddess, a buffet. My flaws make me who I am but I only ever want someone seeking me and accepting me as is, while letting me grow in the process. Vise versa. It’s safe to say in this day and age relationships are like a game. You deadass have to sometimes have a trial period to see if this person is even worth your time in the first place, where their headspace is, what they want out of life etc…In order to be like “This person could really be a life changer for me.”

I hate the concept of dating I’m an all or nothing kinda woman. I know what I deserve even if I’m giving by nature. I won’t go through mental gymnastics because I’m blunt and to the point. I don’t play games, it’s either you want me or you don’t. You can’t have multiple women at a time and still try to get with me simultaneously. Cause I see right through that shit. As I mentioned before I’m a garden. Know how gardens are taking care of? You water them with affection everyday, you check up on them to make sure they’re healthy and being treated right, you accept their flaws and improve on their faults, you take care of those plants and flowers like they actually matter because you want to witness them flourish and stand in their well deserved light. Every woman should be treated as such, including me.

If you’ve ever seen Anastasia the Disney movie from like ages ago, she wasn’t a traditional stereotypical damsel in distress type of princess. She was independent, didn’t need men at all in order to do anything, extremely intelligent, and only cared about her goals. So much so, that the prince in the movie had to basically earn his right to be in her space wether romantic or not. She didn’t need him nor want him. It wasn’t until he opened up his true self and showcased his emotions that she even remotely considered something in him. Men these days aren’t raised to be in touch with their feminine energy enough to understand what we as women want. Truth be told it’s something they need to work on. Emotions don’t make you weak, releasing them in a toxic way makes you weak. Unpack that.

Love is unpredictable to an extent. It’s scary waters. But learning to view love as a whole like how you view love of self. Flips it completely. You just come to a realization of what those feelings you want to constantly have, you know what type of love you deserve. Because you give it to yourself everyday. I can admit it takes time to realize this and that it’s not easy but it’s worth going through it all to get to your dream destination.

Love is not butterflies and rainbows 24/7 but it does not have to be toxic, controlling, emotionally or physically abusive either. Love of self will make relationships with others better naturally. Healthy is good. Affirm that. Healthy is communicative, understanding, compromise, coexistence, supportive, caring, loving, genuine, and real. You just have to believe this in your heart of hearts, in your soul that a person will come up and be at your level and give you all of these things naturally, effortlessly, effectively. That’s what love represents for me personally.


I hope y’all enjoyed this and continue to support my passion which is writing. keep on showing all the love & come back for more content I have coming soon!!🌹

Your energy is everything

Your energy is everything


Your thoughts, emotions, and actions give the energy you’re giving off in this current moment, a major leap forward. In whatever direction you’re focused on going. Energy is sooooo important but a lot of people don’t realize that. Every feeling, every thought, and action determines how your day will turn out. In times of difficulties, you must learn to remain optimistic and focus on the positive outcome. Stay down and don’t let anyone think your bothered by what life throws your way.

I’ve learned to release any negativity by writing my feelings down and ripping it up. Metaphorically speaking doing this action gave me closure and let’s me let go of any negative feelings. Practicing mindfulness and staying in the peaceful state of mind isn’t to make reality feel like rainbows and butterflies. It’s knowing & believing that everything works in your favor. When life hits you, it genuinely completely throws you off. This is when the energy comes in because if you dwell that said situation can consume you and even bring out old habits if you let it. I’ve learned over time that as long as I focus on the good and what I’m grateful for, everything works out for me. I believe in it, actions showcase it, and I feel genuinely grateful in the present moment. That’s all that matters.

Protect that energy, in everything you do. From the people you care about and your goals for yourself. Protect your energy. I affirm daily what I feel from my heart I deserve and who and what I want/need around me. I trust the universe and that outcome I believe in. Because your energy for life itself is everything and your life and the miracles that come with it showcase how you handle every single situation. Remain calm. Focus on what matters. Make the actions you intuitively feel are best. Trust, believe, and affirm what it is you feel you deserve. Trust in the universe.

Thank you readers if you decide to read this. My blogs are always from a personal standpoint. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I enjoy writing this. Energy has been constant theme for me this month.

Liberation; my body, my vessel, my spirit🖤

Liberation; my body, my vessel, my spirit🖤


Liberation to me is tapping into your sacred feminine energy, and letting that naturally shine on its own. As a woman who grew up being shy and very confined to appealing to— what a respectable woman is supposed to be aka a pick me, I saw women even my own mom make me cringe because of how they appreciate their bodies. For the longest, I could not ever understand what was the point of talking about your body, like it was the next best thing since baby back ribs.

But now that I am a grown woman, I get it. Everytime I look in the mirror, I’m reminded of how much of a bad bitch I am. No hesitation, no insecurities, nothing. For some people, it legitimately hits you at a certain age and for others (like me) it’s a very long journey of self love, affirmations, and constant reminders. As I said before seeing the women around whether it was in my family, on tv etc it made me cringe. To the point, where when I was going through puberty I absolutely hated it. I was like “what the fuck is happening? When did I get boobs? Why are my hormones making me literally go crazy? Why is there blood coming out of me?” I did not understand why I couldn’t just skip the difficult parts of womanhood and just live my best life. Nope. I spent allllll of middle school complaining & most of high school being pissed off because my body didn’t look like my moms did when she was teen. My mom is gorgeous by the way and during her teenage years she was curvy (still is) but she looked like she hopped out one of those music videos from the early 2000’s. Anyways, I didn’t get curves right away and I also was going through a lot so that didn’t help.

But by 18 I had a realization like I have no reason to not like my body anymore. I was healthy legitimately this time, got back to caring about myself and my well being. Then, that’s when the changes started happening. I started legitimately hearing compliments of “omg you look so good” and “Wow I had no idea you looked like that” etc.. And at the time I was like “Wait, what???” “I don’t see it.” In reality, I was comfortable in my own skin (still second guessing myself on bad days but I still acknowledge this as a form of progress) and my body started to change even more with age. But, I couldn’t tell so I continued doing what I was doing exercising, eating right, and then the whole slim thick trend happened. I was like “Ya know I’ve never attempted to gain weight for actual health purposes.” That’s when another realization hit me, metaphorically of course. The reason why I didn’t take those compliments seriously is because despite being healthy again, I truly feel in my heart I did not look it. I was a literal stick with a slight bit of curves but I was not the traditional black girl with curves for days and a huge ass. In fact, since I was so small yet still exercising I honestly barely had much of anything back there.

So instead of taking the “slim thick” trend as exactly that, a temporary trend for bodies to appease society. I took it as this could make me actually look and feel healthy. I can finally love my skin I’m in, bask in it, know I look good also and not second guess this. I did my research, I followed a bunch of black women on Instagram who looked like how I looked before and saw how they naturally improved their bodies. I spent all of that year (my junior year) into senior year and graduation. Working my ass off to obtain my goal. I did it.

Furthermore, I can’t explain the feeling of knowing the body you’re in, your vessel, your soul is what I refer to as the three “g’s” grateful, graceful, and goddess like. You can feel the difference. Well, I could. That’s when I knew for sure, that I made the right decision to join this so called trend but not because it was trendy but because I saw representation of other black women who were just like me, work for that goal, gain a new sense of self, and be liberated in the process. Taking pictures in the mirror of your own body progress, feeling the difference in your stamina, eating healthy meals and still having cheat days.

Sensual Liberation

When I had this whole self love journey as I like to call it, I also realized I personally never knew what feeling sexy felt like. Because, I was finally satisfied with my body (and currently still am) I started buying more lingerie. I say “more” because before I would buy it just in case or if I genuinely had the confidence to put it on. Anyways, when I started buying lingerie again I was (and still am) confident. This time legitimately, inside and out. Eventually, I started making it a tradition to try them on often, once I received those items. Let me tell yall!!!!!! I felt like a Victoria secret model in my mirror. I was legitimately thinking “YAS CURVES COME THROUGHHH” “ABS TONED AS FUCK” “BOOTY SITTIN RIGHT” “GO AAWWF!”

The words that describe that feeling is sensual, bliss, self love, and liberation. Also, around this time I started doing random research on Lilith. Because I was learning more about how birth charts work and I wanted to know why she had such a significance, that she needed her own place on a chart. Then when I found out why, I realized she was a badass —confident, sexually liberated woman who could careless for Adam and did what she rightfully deserved. I was thinking “THIS IS A LITERAL SIGN FROM THE UNIVERSE THAT I NEEDED. THANK YOU.” Again, the universe always come through everytime. I figured since I loved reading about Lilith, let me go and research about Egyptian goddesses because I love their history anyways. Same exact realization happened. I’ve always enjoyed learning about strong women in history, especially black history. That’s when I came to conclusion that, all of women I look up to are liberated, strong, and confident.

Now, looking back I experienced major growth within such a small period of time. I’m proud of myself. I’m still growing and changing obviously but I’ve fully, utterly, and completely in love with my body, my vessel. I can proudly say since making my lifestyle healthier, becoming more spiritual, doing yoga, and changing my mindset. I really can achieve whatever I want, as long as I believe in myself. That’s why I’m such an advocate for women in general and those who decide they want to change their bodies. That feeling once you’re finally there. Is all that matters. Now, I can proudly look at myself in the mirror and say confidently “I love you” “I am worthy” “I am a masterpiece” I am art.” First off though, I’m a black woman. So being art is in my genes anyway, BUT fully knowing that changed everything for me.

So to my readers who are reading this, achieve your goals. love your vessel. take care of your being and your being will do the same for you. my spirit salutes you. 💕

Vulnerability doesn’t make you weak.

Vulnerability doesn’t make you weak.

Vulnerability does not make you weak. Being a 100% real about your experiences in life can help people in ways we don’t even understand, I believe there’s at least one person in this universe that can relate to your story. Don’t hide your struggles. Don’t hide your challenges. Move as if you’re effortlessly conquering these situations and life will adapt in your favor solely on your mindset alone. Remind yourself to be grateful for where you’re at right now and where you’ll be in a day or a week or even a month from now. Because your struggles build you. They do not define you.

A lot spiritual professionals always bring up the fact that, the universe brings situations and things so you can improve yourself and do better. I believe that to an extent. But not every situation especially if it’s toxic is necessarily good. But what is defined by said situation is how you react. No matter how negative the situation is, feel your emotions through. See it through. Vulnerability does not make you weak, it proves how capable you are of literally conquering anything that life hits you with.

So if you’re feeling down, breathe and focus. If you’re sad, cry. Let it out. Don’t hold it in. If you’re happy, be it. If you’re feeling bliss, feel magical. The point is see your emotions through let them happen but don’t let your moments of struggles or downs consume you.

You’re strong. Never forget that. Tell your story. Live in your truth. Embody the love you have for yourself. Negative energy, thoughts, and feelings are only temporary.

Manifesting; Your Thoughts, Create Your Reality✨🌷

Manifesting; Your Thoughts, Create Your Reality✨🌷

Establishing what you want; Now first off let me start by stating, I am not a spiritual expert. Everything is taught and unlearned by trial & error. You’re not a real human being if you don’t experiences trials at any point either. Establishing what you desire & want all comes from within. You need clarity in your subconscious mind to get to that dream, desire, love, etc.. Every person who’s ever talked about the laws of attraction always brings up training your subconscious mind. That’s truly where it begins. From my experience, dealing with anxiety I’ve always been told to make lists. But, what I didn’t know is the power of writing whatever you dream of having on paper increases your frequency. To define what I mean by frequency is to increase your energetic waves to align with specifically what you want. The more you talk, write, dream, vision your manifestations. The closer you are to receiving them. Meditating & calming yourself down beforehand filters out those negative thoughts ruling over you. So you’ll be able to have that clarification of “I’m now in the right state of mind & I can write my true thoughts without any noise.” It’s all about clarity. Also in order to establish what you want, you have to begin that journey of loving yourself because if you don’t love yourself the laws of attraction won’t work for you, but instead against you. Because your conscious mind & your subconscious mind are clouded with bad thoughts of yourself, which in return lowers your frequencies, decrease your manifestos, and most likely make you experience more awful things most likely in your life. Now, let’s go over what goals I’ve got for you so far. In order to establish what you want you must; 1) meditate & clarify your subconscious mind 2) love yourself completely & utterly 3) Begin writing your manifestations down. Then, you just gradually make it apart of your routine. Write down what you’re grateful for & what you’re grateful for will come back into life consistently & repeatedly. The same applies for manifestations, except it’s a reminder to yourself daily, what you’re striving for.

Visualizing as if it’s already yours, cause it is; These reminders daily lead to you starting to want to visualize yourself already with your desires & knowing that these dreams you have are already yours for the taking to begin with. Having that confidence is a major key. You must know you’re in control of your manifestations, while also simultaneously being grateful for your current reality to then higher your frequency to get the things you dream & visualize. Everything connects back to knowing truly, honestly, & genuinely everything you dream of is what you want. But, also not clouded with bullshit.

Attracting your wants, by affirming yourself daily; I am a stan of affirmations. Affirmations change lives. Affirm yourself daily that you are that bitch, that you are amazing, talented, beautiful, authentic, caring, loving, passionate, abundant, wealthy, creative & more. Come up with your own. I also like to include my manifestos into my affirmations to really increase the power I have within me. You. Have. To. Feel. Everything. Your feelings are the most important part of all of this. Your feelings when in a clear state of mind are sooooo powerful, to the point where you start becoming more aware of what you’re saying & trying to gradually unlearn that negativeness. You are you. Love it. Believe it. Affirm it.

Mediating to filter out the thoughts that aren’t 100% from your heart; I like to think of meditation as a form of therapy. Deep breathing, focusing on yourself, ctrl + alt + deleting useless/toxic thoughts like a trash bin in your computer storage. Clearing your mind so it can be filled and focused on your wants. Intending how your day begins, being grateful no matter the circumstances for how your day has ended, preparing to repeat that process over again as you gradually see YOUR manifestations coming into fruition, no longer in your imagination or written but in your actual reality.

Witnessing your manifestations, become your reality; As you begin to realize that your manifestos are here in front of you. Be grateful. Why? Cause what you’re grateful for flourishes and increases. The more grateful you are, the more you receive. No matter how small. That’s what makes manifesting enjoyable. It’s like being a kid again dreaming and imagining that one toy you saw in a store or a commercial. You feel it is yours as soon as you grab it, you love the feeling so much you keep on imaging it more and more. Until one day whether it’s Christmas or your birthday and as soon as you completely destroy that wrapping paper…what do you see? That’s manifestation.

Reminding yourself what you’re grateful for, to attract more goodness to you;

As you get towards the end of this article, I want to emphasize how important it is to keep acknowledging what you’re grateful for. Say it out loud in the mirror, write it down, say it to yourself in your head. Because the more grateful you feel, the more you’ll have of it and astonishingly it will continue to increase.

Loving Your Natural Hair✨

Loving Your Natural Hair✨

The difficulties of getting rid of perm & going completely natural comes with a growing process. I’m referring to it as a growing process because you’re learning to grow, invest, & overall take care of your natural state. Which, some may have never seen before or ever had to deal with in the first place.

Now, I will admit the first few months especially if it’s not growing like you want it to, can be a total pain in the ass. One, because you’re in the process of learning what the hell your hair texture is & which categories they fall in. Whether, you’ve done the big chop or are growing out your permed damaged ends, the point is you do eventually end up in that whole learning stage again. As a kid, I remember my hair constantly being referenced by animals or other things by my white peers since I grew up in a White favorable area. The reason why I started off hating my kinky-long-4B/4C, passed my shoulders, basically 16 inch hair is because of them. Being the only black student in your class constantly being picked & objectified is not fun. This is when I started convincing my mother to wake up early to straighten my hair and then I remember going to the beauty supply store for the first time and discovered perm. And it went downhill after that.

It wasn’t until late 2015 and gradually into 2016 that I was genuinely considering the big chop because I was sick of seeing my hair so damaged and I ran out of things to do with it. This was also during the time I started subscribing to a handful of natural hair YouTubers. As I continued to watch more of these videos each day, the more I started to lean towards doing the big chop and while this I guess you could say “hair transitional phase” occurred I bought a lot of wigs. I learned about lazy protective styling, what products to start off with, and what to do once you’ve decided on growing your hair out until it’s time to get rid of the permed ends or starting completely from scratch.

Of course during this time frame I realized a lot and was going through a lot of changes mentally and physically. So, hearing constantly in YouTube videos and reading tweets on how liberating the big chop was I ended up going through with it. I let my hair grow out a pretty decent amount before I cut the rest of it off. Once I did, accepting that I for once had short hair legitimately for the first time ever and seeing my actual texture for the first time was definitely shell shocking. Like “wow?? It’s actually curly when it’s damp?? I can actually finger detangle my hair and it won’t take all day to do??? It’s kinky & thick when it’s humid?? It doesn’t look lifeless & dull anymore???” Because, the only time I ever saw the root of my hair was usually just before it was time to perm it again or just before I did a protective style.

The first 6 months in my opinion were very difficult to get used to. Cause I didn’t need to braid it at all and I honestly didn’t need to do much. The one thing I was always used to was basically drowning my hair in hair products whether it’s heat protectant spray, leave in conditioner, edge control, hair gel, hair mousse etc.. The first 6 months I deep conditioned once or twice a week, used Vitamin E Gel and coconut oil as a leave in and put on a wig. Everyday for 6 whole months. By the time, the year was up of being natural my hair grew to you know that “awkward length” and the following months my hair regimen stayed pretty simplistic because one thing I’ve learned about being natural again is keeping your hair moisturized is the key. I’m still to this day ( 2 years later) minimalistic.

Loving my natural hair all began with my regimen, because doing my research first actually led to me understanding my hair better. Learning the history behind our hair and what that means to us boosted my confidence extremely high also. Loving your natural hair comes in many phases but not everyone has the same story. The point is loving something as simple yet complicated as the hair on your actual head really does change the perspective of how you view yourself. My natural hair has taught me that I have patience, I have the hair of my ancestors, I have the creativity of my blackness at the palm of my hands, I am powerful, and in control. I can change my appearance at anytime because I’m a beautiful blackity black woman and I’m a bad bitch filled with all this originality in me. No white peers can and won’t ever dictate to me, what is considered beautiful and what is not. I am already beautiful and my natural hair is one of a kind. Never forget that about yours.

What Is Black girl magic/ Black Magic to me?

What Is Black girl magic/ Black Magic to me?

Black girl magic is basking in your melanin.

Black girl magic is having the strength of your ancestors gravitate your being.

Black girl magic is owning your confidence.

Black girl magic is glowing all day, everyday.

Black girl magic is unlocking & embracing your Black Divine feminine.

Black girl magic is using the force of a thousand suns to conquer through your trauma like the true warrior you are.

Black girl magic is NOT letting European standards define your beauty.

Black girl magic is being appreciated for simply being.

Black girl magic is strength.

Black girl magic is powerful.

Black girl magic is accepting yourself & what you’ll be able to achieve.

Black girl magic is feeling amazing in your curves.

Black girl magic is loving your uniqueness.

Black girl magic is acknowledging the magical gift you have within yourself.

Black girl magic is shown in your art.

Black girl magic is represented from within you.

Black magic is loving, caring, passionate, & powerful. We are the trends. We are the standard. We are the art internally & externally. We are strong intellectual beings. We are magical. We are not our struggles. We are not defined by the injustices we face. We are more than what we’re perceived as. We are power.

Self Love✨

Self Love✨

Self love is putting yourself first, it requires work, real work. It means acknowledging your fuck ups, fixing your mistakes, caring for yourself & your well being, surrounding yourself with people who reflect you in a positive way, & making time for yourself.

First, you gotta accept that you are not perfect, human beings make mistakes. You will have your moments. But let it go & try again. Second, putting yourself first. Checking up on yourself, keeping track of your priorities, achieving your own set of goals, keeping yourself in check, & staying focused on what matters to you. Because, at the end of the day you have to do what’s right in your eyes.

Rihanna in her recent vogue magazine interview said this amazing quote “sometimes you just gotta laugh at yourself.” This is true, doesn’t matter how good or bad you think your day is going. Acknowledge your mess ups & make a joke out of it. Legit as Jay Z once said “dust off your shoulders” ook. You’re allowed to let yourself have good or bad days. You’re a human first.

Find what you love as an interest & do it. Do it with love & passion because law of attraction states how you feel, will be reciprocated back. When I say find your interest & do it, I mean it. Just because I’m not writing articles & posting, doesn’t mean I’m not writing or day dreaming about stories to write. The point is my interest which is writing, is implemented in my life everyday. All day. Because I love it. So start there.

Affirmations work wonders, do them everyday. At a specific time, make it apart of your routine. Affirm yourself, that you’re a bad bitch, you’re intelligent as hell, your energy is authentic like no other. Affirm. Believe. Achieve. Ya feel me!!! (You can create your own, that personally reflect how you feel about yourself)

Unpack ya shit, imagine a suitcase with all your baggage. UNPACK THAT. Replace your baggage with things you love whether it’s books, poems, music, beauty, skin care etc.. Visualize this happening as you unlearn the things you thought were right. Again, visualizing what you see yourself being as you learn to grow & change makes such a difference. Just. Do. It.

After your done, look at your friends. Ask yourself are they really your friends? Do they support you? Do they show they care? Do they reach out to you? If not. Cut them off or keep them as acquaintances, keep the distance.

In conclusion, love, respect, & acknowledge yourself as the amazing being you are. Making progress is better than reverting back to hating yourself for seeking validation from others.

Black Girl Magic and An Introduction to my new and improved blog🌹

Black Girl Magic and An Introduction to my new and improved blog🌹

We Are Of Intelligence and Beauty💕

Being black and a woman in this country is hell. We’ve heard for years what our ancestors have gone through historically whether it be in school or on our own accord. We’ve been told..Wait let me rephrase that. We have been stigmatized to believe that we have never been the Beauty standard. If we talk intellectually, we sound “too white.” If we use our black vernacular we sound “too black.” We as black women cant even own our shit, own what we fight or have fought a literal tooth and nail for without being told “you’re too aggressive” and that also goes for standing up for ourselves too. When we’re full of confidence, we’re too much. When we’re quiet, shy, have a natural bitch face we’re too bitchy. When we clarify what we want in a relationship long term or not we’re doing too much. When we fight for men specifically black men, we’re being too extra or need to calm down. When we date outside our race, we’re letting ourselves continue the “slave master” mentality. When we call anyone out for any of these comments, we’re “taking things out of context and should be focusing on what truly matters.” One thing I’ve learned in my 18 almost 19 years of living is that we are the most disrespected in every sense, in every aspect. The moment we decide we deserve our own movement to acknowledge us for once. It’s a problem. I’ve accepted that we’ll always be perceived as a problem. But, that won’t stop me from being an unapologetically intellectual transparent beautiful black woman. I figured it would be fitting to start off my official legitimate post as a “sit down, shut up, and listen” topic. As a disclaimer, I being the Gemini I am got rid of my old website because it didn’t fit me. It did not show me at my best and did not showcase as good of a writer I know I can actually be. So, here we are from weebly to WordPress because I’m fulfilling my aesthetic and my vibe on this one. There will be no holding back.


As I was saying I feel especially since we’re still technically “fresh” into the new year, that this will be the time we can all unapologetically be ourselves fully. Meaning, dark skins actually getting praised as they deserve, black women with their own businesses flourishing, fulfilling our dreams, improving ourselves, networking, falling in love with what we’re passionate about, calling out our community on its fuck ups. Such as, colorism, treating black men constantly like victims even when they’re problematic, putting black women down & making them question their worth, that self hating vibe y’all try to project onto us trying to work on ourselves, pick mes putting their “KANGS” first over their children etc.. Let’s not act like we’re the Brady bunch and everything’s all fine and dandy just because we sing Kabwe whenever a black celebrity does what they’re supposed to do. Which is why I specifically named this Black Girl Magic. Because we’re the ones that keep this shit together yet never I mean NEVER get credit for it.

I’m going to be honest and say that we cannot continue to let our personal insecurities get in the way of standing up for what we truly believe in. Our culture. Our history. Our love for ourselves.

Let me break this down for y’all who are problematic and refuse to understand what we’ve been saying:

1. Pick mes need to stop projecting. They’re black women on every single platform, in your local neighborhood, probably a few in the supermarket when you’re shopping for your “kings” that are trying to tell y’all we are not the problem. You, YALL treating your men like gods and treating yourselves like a peasants got y’all out here looking stupid. Stop it. Love yourself. Leave him. Get yourself someone who will treat you better and not expect you to pick up after them. You’re not their mama, you’re their significant other. STOP IT.

2. Light skins need to not put themselves in dark skin places, meaning don’t make yourselves center of attention CAUSE IT GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. Y’all are literally the white woman of our race. Now, do not get me started on the whole “We all matter, we’re supposed to come together. Not divide.” If that’s your first thought, you missed the whole point of this post all together. Light skins and mixed women by society’s standards are the closest thing to achieving or even comparing to the white counterpart. As in, y’all are appealing and appreciated 24/7 and have never been told otherwise or have not been dehumanized in anyway. Dark skins have always been dehumanized, made fun of for their extremely black features, and have been compared to horrible things. But, guess what YALL ARE THE TRUE EPITOME OF BEAUTY. And if light skins take part with their white friends in that toxic behavior to down y’all, DO NOT LISTEN TO THEIR LAME ASSES. Dark skin women glow without even trying, they make colors pop (fashion and makeup included), they’re talented in every field because they work way harder than anybody, and they deserve to feel completely confident and have a positive representation just like they have always deserved.

3. Those white celebrities y’all say are goals, looks and lifestyle wise aren’t. Sorry not sorry. This is a black girl magic dedication post after all. We are the blueprint. Those celebs that get BBW’s are inspired by what we have naturally, beauty gurus who tan darker or where darker foundation, inspired by dark/brown skins. The trendy styles, especially hair styles y’all white magazine editors and writers love so much. We created that, that’s our culture, that’s apart of us. The genres of music y’all love to take over and claim as your own (sounds familiar right) yeah that’s ours as well. I could continue on but I think you get the point.

4. The strict social media policies (specifically facebook and instagram) that take down pro black justice related posts and let the Instagram white basic hoes and their stans harass us and call us every possible slur never get taken down but ours always do. We know. We notice. Just want to make that clear.

5. I’m pro hoe. Sex workers should not be frowned upon for getting their money and surviving. We need to stop that stupid narrative of “she’s a hoe if she does this and this.” First off is it your body? No. Does it effect your life in anyway? No. Do you really need to know every single detail of their life and how they got there? No. I’m just saying if you’re that insecure as a pick me that you need to monitor your mans whereabouts, text messages, and constantly blowing up his phone you need help. Cause in reality your husband might just be a customer, might just use your money and pay sex workers for their services because they can’t stand y’all pick mes and need space but are probably just with you because you hang on their every word and pick up after them. Again I’m just saying what has been said a billion times. It’s the truth though. Which leads me to..

6. My blog is authentically me. In every aspect. I speak on what’s important to me. No holds barred. If this blog was a wrestling match it would be a falls count anywhere because I’ve never had any chill whatsoever.

7. Do not disrespect me, I am a Gemini Sun with an Aries Moon and a Virgo Rising. Meaning I could drag you nonchalantly and go about my day like it never happened. I’m actually being serious I’ve already dragged pick mes by their barely there edges do not bring your negative energy around me cause I’m not going to hesitate to read you. 8. I’m a spiritual being, a lot of my wholesome posts will be centered around mental health, loving yourself, unpacking old habits, and balancing your mind, body, and soul.

9. I’m black y’all. Sometimes or most of the time I’ll speak “properly” but that doesn’t mean I never use vernacular. I do. I swear too. Depending on how passionate I feel about a subject/topic. Also that doesn’t make me any less of a lady for doing either. Stop that narrative also.

10. I’m a logical person over emotional unless the subject is really personal, you won’t see me out here like Ushers Confessions.

11. I am straight forward. I don’t sugar coat unless I feel it’s necessary to be.

12. Support my dreams & I’ll support yours. 13. If you want to debate you’re going to have to PayPal me at least $80 first, if my time is wasted while doing so you can add another $20 onto that $80. My mind is full of a lot of information, history, multiple different levels of subjects depending on how open minded you might be. I better be payed if I’m debating.

14. Human beings deserve to be treated with respect THAT is not up for debate. Also, say proper pronouns if they ask you specifically and if you don’t know that they have specific pronouns at least stay neutral with it.

15. Welcome to my blog!! Focused on lifestyle & fashion. Enjoy my content it’ll be lovely💖🌷 nothing but positive real energy but gotta make it clear the boundaries not to cross y’all.